The froguen CruiserW2 is an outboard yacht that stands out in the crowd, striking anyone that lays eyes on it, like love at first sight. Fully crafted from natural oak and walnut, with a sustainability-oriented mindset that finds beauty in bringing together nature and innovation, the froguen CruiserW2 is a masterpiece of organic design that floats on water. Its colors transcend from oak’s light warmness to walnut’s deepness, to the nobleness of black. It is the object of your desires, the ultimate getaway, offering accommodation at the comfort level of a home and high performance exceeding 30 Knots with its two outboard motors.

The froguen CruiserW2 goes beyond boat design, embracing the benefits of spatial design, taking into consideration all possible circulation requirements of users, creating social spaces that are appealing and pleasurable. It excels in minimizing space loss, elegantly functionalizing every detail and will serve and satisfy your needs, whether you want to sail away on full speed or peacefully cruise while enjoying the scenery. 

The outboard engines allow easy maintenance and protection from soilage, while proving their excellence in speed. The froguen CruiserW2 can be custom ordered with or without engines and navigational gear.

wood crafted moto boat
froguen motor boat cruiser


froguen CruiserW2 is a smaller motor yacht that doesn’t require hired help. It is the perfect size for taking off spontaneously, answering to the call of the sea, speeding away to let independence wash over you. froguen CruiserW2 is an outboard model that will surprise you with its speed that can go over 30 Knotts. However, froguen CruiserW2 is not just a day-boat, but also a highly comfortable, luxurious accommodation on the move. With its 2 cabins, extensive utilities, and 12 guest capacity, froguen CruiserW2 is also ideal for peacefully cruising together with friends and family. From small adventures to lengthy vacations, froguen CruiserW2 is everything you desire, and more. 


The sugar scoop stern of the boat allows easy boarding while the steps that easily ascend to the aft deck welcome you comfortably and elegantly. The axial design gathers everyone on the aft deck for jolly get-togethers while allowing easy access to the fore deck. The axial circulation path allows the sides of the boat to provide extra splash protection while this design creates a social space, and the captain is located at its heart.  

The froguen CruiserW2 does not isolate the captain in a cockpit, but instead locates him at the heart of the social space, giving him complete command over the yacht, while getting the chance to enjoy the social gatherings and family time as much as the smooth cruising experience.

The folding table in the middle along with the comfortable seating allow to host crowded gatherings and meals, while offering an intimate lounge area. Enjoy easy company and boost the pleasure you get from cruising while the froguen CruiserW2 takes on the task of accommodating all. 


The fore deck is like a lounge area with front row adjustable seats that allow you to enjoy the might of the waves. From stern to bow, there are no visual disruptions. The smooth form and the flowing pattern of crafted natural wood, gives the feeling of surfing the waves: thrilling, mesmerizing, and powerful. The froguen CruiserW2 is designed in a way that allows the passengers to enjoy the sea and the view everywhere onboard, never feeling that they are missing the view and truly sensing that they are surrounded with the glamor of nature.  

The marine-grade leather seats on the fore deck can be adjusted, making sure that you and your guests are as relaxed as can be while sunbathing or enjoying a nice cocktail.




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