The interior of the froguen CruiserW2 surrounds you with elegant curves emphasized with soft accent lighting and the warmth of natural oak. The organic design that starts on the exterior reaches its peak in the interior, once again radiating uniqueness. The high level of comfort offered by froguen boats distinguishes it from others, with the interior details truly living up to the legacy of its designers. The froguen CruiserW2 is designed with the aim of minimal space loss, and interior spaces that match the quality and comfort of a home, of course with the advantage of a much better view. Despite its compact size, the froguen CruiserW2 contains 2 spacious cabins as well as a galley that is quite well equipped for its size. The froguen CruiserW2 accommodates 4 guests comfortably and can host up to 12 people. The interior, with its large windows and materials of finest quality, is composed in a way that makes sure being inside is not an obligation but a pleasurable preference. This way you can enjoy your time onboard just as much in harsh weather conditions.

 Master Cabin

Whether you are with or without company, the warm and inviting interior of the froguen CruiserW2 is ready to accommodate at the high standards of a home, for as long as you wish. If you are an adventurer yet won’t settle for less when it comes to comfort, you are destined for froguen boats. Every inch of the froguen CruiserW2 is designed with a detail-oriented mindset to extract the utmost comfort such a space can offer.








Serene and peaceful, this cabin is designed as the master cabin. Resting on the large bed, as the waves rock you and the gentle accent light calms you, the sea so close you can see the sparkles in the water in the night’s darkness; this is the place you will find yourself dreaming of even when you are on land. This intimate and private cabin, crowned with oak and walnut waves, crafted from natural wood into this harmonious flowing design, is guaranteed to make your journeys on the froguen CruiserW2 special.


The design of the aft deck allows for the ideal dimensions of the lounge cabin, which can be used as a common space, especially in harsh weather conditions, providing the feel and comfort of a living room; also, at night as a second bedroom, with the seating converting into a large double bed. Or you can unfold only one of the seating units into a single-bed, providing a comfortable private suite for a single guest. With the warmth of natural oak surrounding you, the floor complements the design with its dark shade of walnut, and the windows adorn the cabin with a magnificent scenery and give you the feeling that you are literally in the water. This is a place where you won’t mind spending many hours.


The galley is the space with the maximum head space so that you can move freely while spending time downstairs. With the overhead shelves, walnut cupboards and built-in full-size fridge/freezer unit that blends right in, there is plenty of space for kitchen equipment. In addition to these, the comfortable counter space, the storage slots in front of the windows as well as the 2-burner stove make it a breeze to work around the galley, while the large windows that let light and sight in, just turn this kitchen experience into one like no other. Aiming for minimum space loss, every corner was made serviceable. With extra shelves and storage spaces around the galley and the bathroom, packing for your journey will not be an issue.

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